Zero Tolerance tours Violence Unseen / by Alicia Bruce

Violence Unseen’, the exhibition of photographs I made for the Zero Tolerance campaign is set to travel all over Scotland in 2019.

Image: Violence Unseen installation at Stills Edinburgh, Courtesy of Stills

Tour dates:

Friday 1 February - Monday 11 February, Stirling Campus, Forth Valley College

Friday 22 March, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Monday 1 April - Monday 15 April, Rosyth Library, Rosyth

Tuesday 16 April - Monday 29 April, Lochgelly Community Centre, Lochgelly

Sunday 19 May - Monday 22 May, St. Andrews University, St Andrews

UPDATE (requested by Zero Tolerance, 7th Feb 2019): "Please see the link here to upcoming exhibitions of Violence Unseen that are open to the public. This is because they are often subject to change, we will be adding, taking them down and editing them as we go, as well as linking them to bigger events that the exhibition is sometimes a part of etc.”

In 2018 the exhibition was shown across Scotland after being launched at Stills in September 2018. Since the Stills exhibition ‘Violence Unseen’ has been exhibited at The Scottish Storytelling Centre, The Scottish Government, Stirling Bus Station, COSLA and more during #16DaysofActivism

About the project

I was commissioned by Zero Tolerance to create a series of campaign photographs marking 25 years since the original bold campaign made by photographer Franki Raffles. Over the past decades there have been dramatic changes to public attitudes around some aspects of men’s violence against women. Yet domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of violence against women are still prevalent in Scotland today, especially for groups of women who face other forms of discrimination; women with learning disabilities, women who sell sex, lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) and black and minority ethnic women.

In response to this, Zero Tolerance has created a new photography exhibition, Violence Unseen, to explore these types of violence against women that remain unseen and unacknowledged by mainstream societyI collaborated with groups and individuals affected by men’s violence to create a series of photographs that explore the types of violence against women that remain unseen and unacknowledged by mainstream society. The photographs shine a light on the types of violence against women that still remain unacceptably hidden and better represent the constellation of women’s lived experiences. The project included an intensive period of research and collaboration with multiple partner organisations.

Want to exhibit this project?

That would be wonderful. Please get in touch if you would like to organise an exhibition in your area with Jo Zawadzka on The exhibition is available free of charge, however we would really appreciate contribution towards transport costs and insurance.

What if I can’t make it?

That’s understandable but you should get in touch with Zero Tolerance to get it at a venue near you. We want this to be shown far and wide. You can also download the full brochure here or find out when you can see the exhibition here.